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The Spix's Macaw Tribe, also know as the Blue Macaw Tribe, is a group of Blue Spix's Macaws living deep in the Amazon. The tribe is lead by Eduardo, Jewel's father. In Rio 2, Blu and his family embark on a trip to the Amazon in hopes of finding the tribe, proving that they are not the last of. The Spix's macaw - also called the Little blue macaw - no longer lives in the wild and is by a long way the world’s rarest macaw. It is a small, elegant parrot with delicate blue-gray plumage, bright blue wings and tail, and an ash-blue crown. 12/09/2018 · The Spix’s macaw achieved onscreen fame in the film “Rio” as a charming parrot named Blu who travels thousands of miles in an attempt to save his species. However, a study released this week found that the Brazilian bird is now extinct in the wild. The Spix’s macaw is one of eight bird. Inspiration for the “Rio” film. The animated film entitled “Rio” released in 2011 in the inspiration for Spix’s macaw. The word Rio in the title represents Rio de Janeiro. The plot also involves the plight of two birds. In the film, Blu is a male Spixs macaw who was captured in.

Some really sad news. Presley, the Spix's Macaw, who was rescued some 12 years ago from a small pet cage in the USA and was repatriated to Brazil has just died. He was the macaw on whom the films Rio and Rio2 were based. For most of the time since his repatriation he was in the care of Bill and Linda Wittkoff at Lymington. 19 Jun 2015 - Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii, also known as the Little Blue Macaw, is native to Brazil. It is a member of Arini tribe in the subfamily Arinae Neotropical parrots, part of the family Psittacidae the true parrots. It’s a medium size parrot weighing about 300 grams, smaller than most of the large macaws. Its plumage is. I remember loving the movie Rio when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I used to enjoy drawing pictures and cartoons of this bird. I got bored and decided to make a 2D face-me component just to have hanging around some models, maybe even yours. Unfortunately, the image I found of Blu depicted him as being quite unhappy. rio movie macaw bird. 13/09/2018 · According to a research by BirdLife International, eight wild bird species are deemed confirmed extinct or are highly likely to be extinct soon. Among those species is the bird, Spix’s Macaw which has been declared “extinct in the wild”. “In the 2011 animated film Rio, Blu, a captive-raised.

27/06/2016 · Smart News Keeping you current Spix’s Macaw, Star of “Rio,” Spotted in the Wild for the First Time in 15 Years Captured in a backlit cellphone video, the sighting gives conservationists hope for the survival of Brazil’s little blue birds. 28/06/2014 · A rare blue parrot that was among the last wild-born members of its species and was believed to have inspired the movie Rio has died outside São Paulo, Brazil. The bird was a Spix's macaw named Presley, and he was around 40 years old when he died Wednesday. He was thought to be the second-to-last. Spix’s macaw, also known as little blue macaw, is a medium-sized parrot having its roots in Northeast Brazil. Its plumage is mostly in blue. Although males and females are almost similar in appearance, on average, females are a bit smaller. Scientific Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Psittaciformes Superfamily.

Little blue macaw, Spix macaw, Cyanopsitta spixi. With the release of the 2011 3-D animated feature Rio, attention was focused on a species of bird that is on the critically endangered list and has, unofficially, been declared extinct in the wild – the spix macaw. 14/09/2018 · 38. In the film, Blu is a male Spix's macaw who was captured in Brazil when young and is kept in Minnesota as a pet. He is happy, though he believes he is the last member of his species still alive. In addition, he believes that he is unable to fly. One day he hears that a female Spix's macaw named Jewel lives in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The true story of Blu the blue macaw In the movie Rio the hero, Blu, and the heroine, Jewel, are the last surviving specimes of the blue macaw. Unless they can mate successfully, their species will die out. Efforts to prevent this dire outcome generate the film's thrills and spills.

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